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Five Pound Mystery Bundle

Five Pound Mystery Bundle

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Ready to make all your fabric-hoarding fantasies come true? Our Five Pound Mystery Bundles have the perfect solution—an eclectic assortment of plaids, florals, and more! Pick the style that speaks to you—no matter what color story you're tryin' to tell. (Plus, buying in bulk means helping us keep textiles outta landfills - saving the planet and lookin' good don't usually go hand in hand, but this time they do!)

This box averages 15 yards, and is packed with over $135 worth of fabric


Here’s an idea of our current Aesthetic Categories 

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Cottage Core

-Ditsy Floral

-Traditional Plaids + Stripes

-Eyelet + Ruffles


-Groovy Prints

-Bold Stripes

- Colorful Tie Dye

Desert Dazed

-Paisley Prints

-Muted Tie-Dye

-Southwest Inspired Prints



-Moody Florals

-Printed Mesh




-Garden Floral prints

-Celestial Patterns





-Classic Stripes


Raved by the Bell

-Bright Neon Colors


-Geometric Prints



-Island Inspired Prints

-Flowy Fabrics



Art Teacher

-Abstract Prints

-Bold Colors


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