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Long Lengths Five Pound Mystery Bundle

Long Lengths Five Pound Mystery Bundle

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 Score exciting fabric finds with our  Mystery Bundles! Get creative and have fun with an assortment of prints, from plaids to florals and everything in between- pick your colors. Get inspired and stock up--these boxes have exactly what you need to bring any color story or aesthetic to life. Help us keep textiles out of landfills in a unique way--BUY IN BULK!

Long Length Mystery Bundles contain longer lengths of fabric pieces. These will have a minimum of 2 yards in length per piece. Extending up to 8 yards for some pieces. 

You can now choose your content preference. Explore the option of having Al Natural Fibers (blends of cotton, linen, hemp, Rayon, and bamboo). Please note that these styles might be blended with spandex.

Something to note: We're evolving our approach to put creativity directly in your hands. While we’re moving away from offering specific aesthetic options on this listing, we're introducing something even better. With our 1 and 3-pound Long Length Listings, the power is now yours to choose your color palette and truly personalize your style.

One pound = 1 or 2 styles of fabric. 


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