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One Pound Knit's & Jersey's Only Mystery Bundle

One Pound Knit's & Jersey's Only Mystery Bundle

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Welcome to Our Mystery Fabric Bundles!

What are Mystery Fabric Bundles? Our Mystery Fabric Bundles are carefully curated collections of scraps, samples, and deadstock fabrics sourced from the fashion industry. By purchasing a bundle, you’re not only getting a unique assortment of fabrics but also contributing to waste reduction by using materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

How it Works:

  1. Choose Your Color Palette: We offer five different color options, each with its own unique style and fiber content preference. This allows you to tailor your bundle to your personal preferences and creative projects.

  2. Surprise Selection: Once you’ve selected your preferred color palette, our team will handpick a curated assortment of fabrics that match the prints and patterns driving your chosen style and color preferences. Choose your content preference or opt and save for a Double Mystery. We are unable to take any additional requests on Mystery Bundles at this time.

  3. Unveil the Mystery: Receive your Mystery Fabric Bundle filled with an exciting variety of fabrics ready for your sewing, crafting, or DIY projects.

Why Choose Our Mystery Fabric Bundles?

  1. Reduce Waste: Support sustainable practices by using leftover fabrics instead of contributing to landfill waste.
  2. Curated for You: Enjoy a personalized selection of fabrics based on your chosen aesthetic, focusing on prints and patterns.
  3. Creative Exploration: Discover new textures, patterns, and colors for your sewing, crafting, or DIY projects.
  4. Fun Shopping Experience: Embrace the surprise element and add excitement to your fabric shopping journey.

Join the Sustainable Fashion Movement: By choosing our Mystery Fabric Bundles, you’re not just buying fabric—you’re making a conscious choice to promote sustainability in the fashion industry. Let’s reduce waste and create something beautiful together!

Ready to dive into your creative journey with our Mystery Fabric Bundles? Choose your aesthetic today and unwrap a world of fabric delights!

This box contains more than $35 worth of fabric

The average package has around 3 yards of fabric.


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