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Three Pound Mystery Bundle

Three Pound Mystery Bundle

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Score exciting fabric finds with our new weight- Three Pound Mystery Bundles! Get creative and have fun with an assortment of prints, from plaids to florals and everything in between--you pick the style, pick your colors. Get inspired and stock up--these boxes have exactly what you need to bring any color story or aesthetic to life. Help us keep textiles out of landfills in a unique way--BUY IN BULK!


The average package has around 9 yards of fabric.

Shop by your Style

Cottage Core

-Ditsy Floral

-Traditional Plaids + Stripes

-Eyelet + Ruffles


-Groovy Prints

-Bold Stripes

- Colorful Tie Dye

Desert Dazed

-Paisley Prints

-Muted Tie-Dye

-Southwest Inspired Prints



-Moody Florals

-Printed Mesh




-Garden Floral prints

-Celestial Patterns





-Classic Stripes


Raved by the Bell

-Bright Neon Colors


-Geometric Prints



-Island Inspired Prints

-Flowy Fabrics



Art Teacher

-Abstract Prints

-Bold Colors


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